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eAsset Solutions has been R2 Certified since 2015
Our Certifications

eAsset Solutions is R2v3 and RIOS Certified to the latest versions. These standards are rigorously and independently audited, emphasizing quality, safety, and transparency.

The R2 Standard provides a common set of processes, safety measures, and documentation requirements for businesses that destroy data, repair, and recycle. Procedures are developed to properly process used computers, laptops, printers, phones, hard drives, and other electronic assets.

Certified electronics recyclers have demonstrated through audits and other means that they continually meet specific high environmental standards and safely manage used electronics. Once certified, the recycler is held to the particular standard by continual oversight by the independent accredited certifying body.

The EPA encourages all electronics recyclers to become certified. EPA’s Implementation Study fulfills a key commitment under the National Strategy for Electronics Stewardship, 

A Certificate of Recycling and Data Destruction can be provided with any pickup, drop off, data destruction, recycling event, or other service that we provide.

R2 CertifiedRIOS Certified Recycler
Quality, Environmental, Health and Safety Policy

eAsset Solutions is committed to managing used and end-of-life electronic equipment based on a reuse, refurbishment, recovery, disposal hierarchy, which includes on-site and downstream materials management. We maintain the integrity of the recycling chain throughout the process in such a way as to ensure protection of the environment, the safety of our employees and clients, and the preservation of our communities.

As part of the Quality, Environmental, Health and Safety Policy, eAsset Solutions is committed to:

  • continual improvement and high-level customer satisfaction.
  • the prevention of pollution and prevention of injury and ill health.
  • comply with applicable legal and other stakeholder requirements relative to the quality, environmental and health and safety aspects of our business.
  • providing a framework for setting and reviewing quality, environmental, health and safety goals.
  • managing used and end-of-life electronic equipment based on a reuse, refurbishment, recovery, disposal hierarchy including onsite and downstream materials management throughout the recycling chain.
  • managing Focus Materials throughout the recycling chain to final disposition with due diligence to protect our environment.
  • continuous improvement achieved through monitoring of goals and rigorous evaluation of our management system.
  • educating employees about the environmental aspects, risks, quality standards of their job positions, and how to conduct facility operations safely and effectively.
  • communicating and reinforcing this policy throughout our company, to all persons working for or on behalf of the organization as well as, to our customers, our suppliers and to the public.

About Us

Recycling for Virginia, Maryland, the Washington D.C. Metropolitan Area, and Beyond
We responsibly recycle electronics and ensure all data is destroyed.

eAsset Solutions is your trusted local recycler, certified in the latest industry standards of R2v3 (Responsible Recycling) and RIOS (Recycling Industry Operating Standard.)

eAsset Solutions operates in a secure facility, with 24-hour video surveillance/alarm, and all employees undergo data security training and background checks.

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