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We all know money doesn’t grow on trees, and budget constraints often thwart our desire to purchase that new car, that new Chromebook, that new laptop.  Fortunately, eAsset Solutions offers a budget-friendly alternative for at least two out of the three: used laptops and used Chromebooks!  In today’s blog, we’ll dive into the world of used Chromebooks and used laptops under $100, with a special focus on used gaming laptops.  As a premier laptop recycler, eAsset Solutions can provide quality and affordable laptops and Chromebooks through our online stores.  Let’s take a look!


The Rise of Used Laptops 


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Experiencing a remarkable surge in recent years, the market for used laptops has gained widespread popularity and can be attributed to various factors: technological advancements leading to a slower rate of laptop obsolescence, the growing awareness of the environmental benefits of laptop recycling and repurposing, and the good ol’ Yankee do-it-yourself impulse to build your own gaming laptop or PC according to your specifications and needs.  Used laptops, once considered risky purchases, now offer tremendous value for money, making them an attractive choice for budget-conscious buyers.


Unleashing the Power of Used Gaming Laptops 


Gaming enthusiasts often want high-performance laptops with dedicated graphics cards and robust processing capabilities.  While new gaming laptops can carry exorbitant price tags, used gaming laptops offer a cost-effective alternative without compromising on power and functionality.  Yes: these laptops may have been previously owned, but they can still deliver the goods and handle modern games and demanding tasks with ease.


A quick browse through our online stores, with its vast inventory of laptops, video cards, computers, servers and printers from well-known brands, will reveal many cost-effective surprises, including used Chromebooks and used laptops under $100.  By shopping with eAsset Solutions, gamers can now find models with quad-core processors, dedicated graphics card and sufficient RAM to provide a seamless gaming experience, all the while staying within their budget.


Affordable Laptops?  Yes!




Finding used laptops under $100 might sound like a daunting task, but with some patience, the right approach and reliable sellers like eAsset Solutions, it not only becomes feasible, but damn near enjoyable.  eAsset Solutions has established itself as the trustworthy destination for budget-conscious laptop shoppers.  Our dedication to repurposing, not only used laptops, but used Chromebooks and used electronics in general, ensures that each device undergoes a thorough inspection and testing process to determine functionality.  Once assessed and given the green light, laptops are restored to optimal working conditions and made available through our online stores.  As a result, customers can confidently purchase used Chromebooks or used laptops from eAsset Solutions and know they will receive a reliable and functioning device, as well as rest confident in the knowledge that they are helping promote a circular economy.


Beyond Wiping Hard Drives




Our commitment to environmental sustainability aligns perfectly with the increasing global awareness of the importance of responsible e-waste management.  The process of repurposing used laptops, for instance, is meticulous and goes beyond merely wiping the hard drives.  We perform comprehensive data sanitization to protect the privacy of the previous owners and help guarantee that the laptops are ready for a new life with their new owners.  Undergoing rigorous hardware testing by our professional team, and addressing any issues that may arise, our skilled technicians conduct repairs and upgrades (if necessary) to ensure that the laptops meet performance standards comparable to newer devices.


The Advantages of Buying from eAsset Solutions


Ok: so shopping for used Chromebooks or used laptops under $100 may raise an eyebrow and inspire a certain skepticism regarding the quality and longevity of such affordable devices.  If so, here’s where our commitment to transparency and above-and-beyond customer service distinguishes us from other sellers, putting you at ease.




One of the significant advantages of buying from eAsset Solutions is our customer support team.  Giving buyers peace of mind and the assurance that they are making a wise investment is truly what it’s all about, and our responsive customer support team is always available to address any inquiries or concerns, further enhancing the buying experience.  Our positive feedback rating of 99.7% didn’t happen overnight, and our goal of delivering the highest customer satisfaction by rolling out quality repurposed electronics is always foremost in our minds.  


A Wide Selection, A Wise Investment


Whether you need a used Chromebook or a used laptop for casual web browsing, office tasks, gaming like a stud, or educational purposes, our online stores have something to answer your every need.  From popular brands to varying specifications, customers are not only limited to used Chromebooks and used laptops under $100, but can explore our wide selection and inventory of repurposed electronics, from gaming laptops to printers, toner cartridges, graphics cards…the list just goes on and on!


The availability of different products, brands and models, allows users to make an informed decision based on their intended use and personal preferences.  Some laptops may be more focused on business productivity, featuring comfortable keyboards and long battery life.  Others may be better suited for media consumption, with vibrant displays and powerful graphics capabilities.  Gamers, in particular, will be pleased to find laptops tailored to handle their gaming needs without breaking the bank, and eAsset Solutions can help make it happen.


Laptop Performance on a Budget




The performance of a used laptop depends on various factors, such as its original specifications, the age of the device, and how well it has been maintained and treated.  For basic tasks like surfing the internet, email and document editing, these laptops perform impressively well.  Even when it comes to more demanding tasks like multimedia editing or light gaming, many used laptops under $100 can still deliver satisfactory results, and with eAsset Solutions, they do.  


Tips for Buying Used Laptops


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When shopping for used laptops under $100 (or any price for that matter), there are some essential factors to consider.  Prioritizing reliable sellers such as eAsset Solutions, known for our strict data sanitization processes and excellent customer support team, will ensure your specifications match your intended usage.  And remember: never hesitate to ask questions before making a purchase!


Research and Compare: 


Take the time to research different laptop models and their specifications to identify the best options that meet your needs.  Compare prices and features from various sellers, including eAsset Solutions, to find the best deal.  Trust us: you won’t hurt our feelings.  Do you!


Inspect the Product:




If possible, inspect the product in person or review detailed images if shopping online.  Our customer support team is always ready to provide you with more pictures or information to aid you in making the best decision.  Looking for signs of physical damage, checking the screen for dead pixels, or testing the keyboard and touchpad for functionality is just the beginning of what our testers do to make sure you receive the best products at the most affordable prices.


Check Battery Life:




Battery life is essential, especially if you need a laptop for portable use.  Inquire about the battery’s condition and how long it can hold a charge.


Consider Upgrade Options:


Determine if the laptop’s components, such as RAM and storage, can be upgraded easily.  This will allow you to enhance the device’s performance if needed in the future.


Read Customer Reviews:




A no brainer, but bears repeating: before making a purchase, read customer reviews and feedback about the specific model and seller.  This can provide valuable insights into the laptop’s performance and the seller’s reliability.  






Used laptops under $100, especially used gaming laptops, offer a gateway to owning a capable, budget-friendly device.  eAsset Solutions believes that technology should be accessible to all peoples, and customers can confidently embrace this cost-effective option without compromising on quality or performance.  Through recycling and repurposing electronics, we have not only created a sustainable business model, but also taken significant eco-conscious strides in tackling the emergent e-waste crisis.  By diminishing electronic waste, nourishing a circular economy, and contributing to a greener, cleaner future, we are actively uplifting our communities and making an indelible positive impact for future generations.  Join us in our efforts by purchasing used laptops and electronics, and never fail to reach out to us with your questions!