LEED Certification, eAsset Solutions, and Commercial Real Estate

What is LEED? Why Should I Be LEED Certified?

LEED (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design) certification is a globally recognized rating system that evaluates the sustainability of buildings and communities.  For commercial real estate, achieving LEED certification is a significant accomplishment that demonstrates a commitment to sustainability and environmental responsibility.  One way that businesses can increase their chances of achieving LEED certification is by working with a partner like eAsset Solutions.

With nearly 20 years of experience, eAsset Solutions is a leading provider of technology asset management and disposition services in the Washington metropolitan area, and our focus on sustainability and environmental responsibility makes us an ideal partner for businesses pursuing LEED certification.  In the following blog, we’ll take a closer look at how eAsset Solutions can help in your LEED certification efforts, and explore the benefits of becoming LEED certified


How eAsset can help obtain LEED certification

Sustainable Asset Management

eAsset Solutions provides sustainable asset management services that help businesses maximize the value of their technology assets while minimizing their environmental impact.  What does this mean?  It means our services prioritize repurposing and refurbishing electronic assets to breathe new life into them and prevent them from being sent to landfills.  By working with eAsset Solutions, businesses can help participate in a circular economy and make sure that, once sanitized, all reusable equipment remains in circulation, thus reducing the need to source for new materials.


Data Security

Ensuring that sensitive information is not compromised during the asset disposition process is one of our key specialities.  At eAsset Solutions, we follow strict protocols to make certain that any device containing media or data is securely erased or destroyed, and we are proud to offer several data destruction services to our clients.  By prioritizing data security, eAsset Solutions helps businesses protect sensitive information and comply with LEED certification requirements.


Energy Efficiency

Using energy-efficient equipment and practices in our operations, eAsset Solutions believes firmly in minimizing energy consumption and reducing its carbon footprint.  We are committed to reducing energy use and optimizing our processes to decrease energy waste.  By partnering with eAsset Solutions, businesses can access sustainable technology asset management services that align with LEED certification requirements.


Compliance with Environmental Standards

Because we adhere to strict environmental standards and guidelines in our operations, our company ensures that our processes are in compliance with environmental regulations, and hold fast to recognized industry standards for the management of electronic waste (e-waste).  Countless commercial real estate companies have worked with eAsset Solutions for years, enjoying our transparency and ease of services that make achieving LEED certification a painless, eco-friendly solution.


Sustainable Business Practices

eAsset Solutions integrates sustainability into our business practices by using environmentally friendly materials and minimizing waste in operations.  We work with thoroughly vetted vendors and suppliers that share in our commitment to sustainability, safe practices, and a greener tomorrow.  Staffed by committed professionals, we at eAsset Solutions believe strongly in a sustainable future, and are constantly developing new ways to embody eco-friendly principles.  


Why become LEED certified?

Cost Savings:

LEED-certified buildings are designed to be energy-efficient, which can lead to significant cost savings over time.  By reducing energy consumption, businesses can lower their utility bills and save money on maintenance and repair costs.


Improved Indoor Air Quality:

LEED-certified buildings are designed to promote healthy indoor air quality through the use of low-VOC (low volatile organic compounds) materials and increased ventilation.  This can improve the health and wellbeing of building occupants, leading to higher productivity and fewer sick days.


Environmental Sustainability:

Designed to have a minimal impact on the environment through the use of sustainable materials and practices, LEED-certified buildings can reduce their carbon footprint and demonstrate their commitment to sustainability.


Increased Property Value: 

LEED certification can increase the value of a property, making it more attractive to potential tenants or buyers.  Consequently, this can lead to higher rental rates or sales prices and improve the long-term value of the property.


Marketing Advantage:

Achieving LEED certification can be a powerful marketing tool for businesses and commercial real estate, attracting environmentally conscious customers, tenants and employees.


Tax Benefits and Incentives:

Last but not least, it puts a smile on Uncle Sam’s face.  LEED-certified buildings qualify for many tax benefits and incentives from state to state and municipalities across the country, including but not limited to: grants, tax credits, expedited building permits and potential waivers in fees.



In summary, obtaining LEED certification can provide a wide range of benefits for businesses and commercial real estate, including cost savings, improved indoor air quality, environmental sustainability, increased property value, a marketing advantage at once attractive and eco-friendly, and tax breaks.  eAsset Solutions can help businesses in their LEED certification efforts by providing sustainable and environmentally responsible technology asset management services.  By partnering with eAsset Solutions, businesses can show their commitment to sustainability and environmental protection, while also accessing services that align, not only with LEED certification requirements, but eco-friendly principles that will help secure a greener, more sustainable future.