Beyond the DMV: eAsset Solutions’ Mail-In Recycling Program


No longer confined to our beloved DMV (the District of Columbia, Maryland and Virginia), eAsset Solutions is proud to offer our new eco-conscious initiative: our Mail-In Recycling Program.  We recognize that your old electronics, whether it’s a laptop, computer, or any electronic device, deserve a second chance at life through responsible recycling and secure data destruction.  As a result, we’re thrilled to extend our expertise nationwide, from sea to shining sea, making it simpler than ever for individuals and businesses across the United States to participate in our environmentally-friendly program.


Let’s take a look at how it works!


How to Send Your Old Electronics for Recycling and Data Destruction

At eAsset Solutions, we’ve streamlined the process of recycling your old electronics and ensuring the secure data destruction of your sensitive data.  Here’s your step-by-step guide to participating in our Mail-In Recycling Program:


Review Our Accepted Materials List


Before shipping your electronics, ensure they are on our Accepted Materials List.  We accept a broad range of electronic devices, from laptops and computers to servers to various gadgets and peripherals.


Complete the Mail-In Recycling Form


To initiate the process, please fill out our Mail-In Recycling form.  This form serves a dual purpose—it helps us track your shipment and allows you to communicate any specific requests regarding recycling or data destruction.


Prepare Your Items


Once you’ve completed the form and gathered your electronic devices, it’s time to package them securely.  Address the package as follows:


eAsset Solutions


427 N. Maple Avenue

Falls Church, VA 22046


Ship Responsibly


We strongly encourage you to ship your package when it’s full to minimize the carbon footprint associated with transportation.  Unfortunately, please note that we currently do not provide pre-paid labels at this time. (Psst…but we’re working on it!)


Affix Required Labels


Please ensure you affix any required labels, such as battery labels, in accordance with DOT regulations.  We do not accept hazardous materials or bloated batteries, for example, so please be mindful of what you include in your shipment and review our Accepted Materials List.


Why Choose eAsset Solutions for Laptop Recycling, Computer Recycling, and Data Destruction?


Environmental Responsibility


By participating in our Mail-In Recycling Program, you’re making a significant contribution to environmental sustainability.  Old Electronics contain valuable materials that can be recycled and reused, reducing the need for raw materials and reducing electronic waste in landfills.


Data Security


Understanding the importance of protecting your data and setting your mind at ease, eAsset Solutions undergoes yearly audits to ensure that our practices meet the highest standards and regulations.  As a result, our data destruction process is thorough, effective and secure, ensuring that no sensitive information is compromised during the recycling process.  It’s quite frankly our bread and butter.


Nationwide Accessibility



No matter where you are in the United States, you can now take advantage of our Mail-In Recycling Program! We’ve extended our reach and sphere of influence to make it convenient for everyone to hop on board and join our mission.




With nearly two decades of experience in electronics recycling and data destruction, eAsset Solutions is a trusted name in the industry, synonymous with all things green and eco-friendly.  You can rely on us to handle your old electronics with care, sensitivity and great professionalism.


Simple Enough?  We thought so too.  


So don’t let your old electronics languish in storage, an office cubicle or end up in a landfill.  Join our Mail-In Recycling Program today, and together, we can make a positive impact on the environment while guaranteeing the security of your data.  Laptop recycling, computer recycling, and data destruction have never been this accessible, easy and eco-friendly.  Help us help you AND the environment, and become part of the solution—the eAsset Solution(s).