Windows 10 End of Life? Not So Fast

Windows 10 End of Life: An Environmental Problem




Announcing Windows 10 end of life by October 14, 2025, Microsoft has sounded a death knell that could potentially result in nearly 240 million PCs ending up in landfills, according to analysts firm Canalys.


That’s about one-fifth of all computers on the market.


To put things into perspective, if these were your run-of-the-mill laptops, they would create a pile towering 372 miles higher than the moon.  A major problem, as this move bears substantial environmental consequences, with estimates indicating an astounding 1.06 billion lbs of e-waste, or the equivalent of 320.000 cars.


The Solution: Recycling Potential


There is great news, however.  Most of these 240 million PCs can be recycled, whether functional or not.  According to Canalys, their lack of compatibility with the latest supported Windows version reduces their refurbishing and reselling potential, impacting their value.  


Embracing Responsible Recycling


However, despite this reduction in value, they remain prime candidates for reuse and resale, contributing to a circular economy.  In fact, now more than ever, the old way of thinking—landfill disposal is the inevitable outcome for such PCs—should give way to the awesome reality of how responsible recycling can negotiate such an upsurge in e-waste.


Microsoft’s Partial Solution


In response to this challenge, Microsoft’s plan to extend support until 2028 may offer a lifeline for some devices (ahem…for an as yet unstated fee…).  But quite frankly, this is nothing more than putting a bandaid on a severed head.  


A Circular Economy


The importance of a circular economy and device reintroduction, as effected by recycling companies like eAsset Solutions, is the proper way to handle the problem.


eAsset Solutions: Leading the Way


Advocating for environmentally sound practices and responsible recycling methods for nearly 20 years, eAsset Solutions has played a foundational role in mitigating the e-waste crisis.  And this is no different.  The amount of e-waste anticipated by Windows 10 end of life underscores the responsibility shared by device and OS vendors in prolonging a product’s lifespan.  To cultivate a circular economy, OEMs need to integrate durability, repairability and recyclability into their device designs and features.


Simultaneously, OS vendors must ensure extended usability and security for these devices—protocols we applaud; because together, these initiatives can aid end users, partners and ITAD specialists in preventing premature device disposal by enabling repair, redeployment, refurbishment and resale.


Addressing Regulatory Gaps


Nevertheless, as we speak the current state lacks regulations necessary to drive this change in the tech world and PC market.  For now, collaborative efforts across industries remain the only solution to address the concerning and persistent e-waste issue which looms and looms yearly like a hideous cancer.


Fighting the Good Fight


eAsset Solutions stands as a beacon in advancing IT asset recirculation while specializing in data destruction.  With nearly two decades of experience, our comprehensive solutions encompass responsible IT asset management, data sanitization and equipment repurposing, making us the ideal choice to help ITAD companies when looking to offload their PCs and laptops.


Embracing IT Asset Recirculation


Instead of throwing up your hands and saying, “Well, it’s inevitable: this stuff’s gonna end up in a landfill,” give companies like us a call, and see what we can do for you.


The critical challenge for the industry lies in overcoming outdated biases and establishing the proper channels that facilitate the recovery and recirculation of ITAD assets, promoting data security throughout the process.  Effective collaboration among businesses, ITAD service provideRs and relevant stakeholders, is essential for devising streamlined procedures for collecting, repurposing and remarketing retired IT assets.  Building a robust infrastructure that encourages transparency, accountability, and responsible practices throughout the asset lifecycle is critical for successful ITAD and data security implementation, and a thoroughly accredited company like eAsset Solution does all of the above.


Promoting a Circular Economy


It’s time for businesses to shed archaic practices and adopt IT asset recirculation as the sustainable alternative to drive data security and promote a circular economy.  Windows 10 end of life is just another example of why this is so important.  


Final Thoughts


The potential for positive change is within our grasp, and the responsibility lies with each one of us to act now.  By choosing IT asset recirculation as the primary approach, we not only safeguard data security but also unlock the untapped potential of our IT assets, and PCs running on Windows 10 experience new life in new hands.


Creating a ripple effect that goes beyond businesses, this approach benefits our communities, our environment, our world.


Call us today and see how we can help you do things differently.