Certified Data Destruction


When we talk about certified data destruction what do we mean?  How do we know if a company is certified or not?  What does being certified ensure?  And why should businesses partner with certified data destruction companies like eAsset Solutions?

Certified data destruction boils down to this: the secure and permanent elimination of data across various media types (think hard drives, data tapes, SSDs, etc) in compliance with specific industry standards and regulations.  You wouldn’t visit a doctor who wasn’t properly trained to treat your specific illness, and neither should you hand over your hard drives to a company that isn’t certified to handle your sensitive data.

Let’s break it down.


What is Certified Data Destruction?



Certified data destruction, as mentioned above, completely and irreversibly destroys data, eliminating any possibility of recovery.  Certifications like R2v3 (Responsible Recycling) and RIOS (Recycling Industry Operating Standards) guarantee that data destruction companies meet the highest standards of quality, safety and transparency.  These certifications are


not just symbolic; they are guarantees that the company’s methods are rigorously and independently audited to uphold compliance and efficacy.  


Why Should Businesses Partner with Certified Data Destruction Companies?


1. Security and Compliance


Well, security for starters.  Certified companies follow strict regulations to make certain data is completely destroyed, which is critical for compliance with such laws as GDPR and HIPAA, among many others.  Lowering the likelihood of data breaches, this prevents the severe financial and reputational consequences they can bring.


2. Trust and Reliability


Certifications are proof that the company meets high standards.  Inside a doctor’s office you’ll surely find multiple degrees indicating the person to whom you’ve entrusted your health is up to the challenge.  Well, it’s no different in the data destruction world.  Ensuring that clients are confident we handle heir sensitive data with professional care is essential.


3. Environmental Responsibility


A big one.  Certified data destruction companies like eAsset Solutions are also passionately committed to environmentally responsible practices.  By promoting eco-friendly recycling or disposal of e-waste, they reduce the carbon footprint and support a circular economy.


The Importance of a Circular Economy



Which brings us to our next topic: a circular economy.  Designers of a circular economy aim to cut back on waste and make the most of resources.  By extending the life cycle of products you lessen the environmental impact and promote sustainability.  Within the context of data destruction, it means not only securely destroying data but also recycling and repurposing hardware.



For instance, valuable components in timed-out devices like old computers and servers can be refurbished and reused.  By collaborating with a certified data destruction company like eAsset Solutions, businesses can be confident that their outdated devices are managed responsibly, with the added benefit that sanitized equipment will remain in circulation.


eAsset Solutions: Nearly 20 years of Data Destruction & Electronics Recycling Experience



We’ve been in this game for a minute.  Nearly 10,512,000 minutes, if my math is correct.  And with nearly two decades of experience, we’ve established ourselves as a premier leader in the field of data destruction methods and recycling.  Our certifications, including R2v3 and RIOS, are testament to our commitment to quality, safety and transparency.


Working inside the DMV and beyond, eAsset Solutions has a demonstrated history of partnering with various government agencies, universities, and local enforcement.  Additionally, we service different businesses and corporations daily, not only performing data destruction, but recycling e-waste as well.  We recognize that security is paramount, and our track record reflects our commitment to data protection and the environment.


Rigorous and Independent Audits


Our commitment to standard is verified through rigorous, independent annual audits, and any data destruction company you choose should adhere to the same standard.  These audits involve every aspect of our operations, from data destruction methods to environmental impact, and guarantee that we consistently meet or exceed regulatory compliance.


Our Data Destruction Methods



Every business is unique, requiring different data destruction methods for their electronic devices.  As a result, we offer a range of data destruction methods customized to address the requirements of various businesses and media formats: 


1. Hard Drive Shredding


A perennial favorite, this method physically destroys hard drives and renders the data irretrievable.  We then recycle the shredded material in an environmentally responsible manner.


2. Degaussing


Not as well known, degaussing is a process in which a powerful magnetic field is used to erase data from magnetic storage devices like hard drives and tapes.  It’s a quick and effective method for ensuring complete data destruction.


3. Data Wiping


We encourage data wiping for devices that will be reused or resold because it’s an effective method and aligns with our commitment as an eco-friendly company supporting a circular economy.  With advanced software to overwrite data multiple times, companies no longer need to worry about data breaches.


4. Onsite Data Destruction


For businesses requiring added security, eAsset Solutions offers onsite data destruction services.  Our team can come to your location and perform hard drive shredding and degaussing on-site, providing you with immediate and verifiable data destruction.


The Assurance of Certification



Choosing a certified data destruction company like eAsset Solutions guarantees, at the end of the day, peace of mind.  While you may not share our environmental convictions you cannot disagree with this: data breaches are a thing from hell (see Morgan Stanley fiasco).  Furthermore, our certifications are more than just qualifications; they are assurances of our dedication to the highest standards of data security and environmental responsibility.  By partnering with certified data destruction companies like eAsset Solutions, businesses ensure that professionals handle their data with the greatest care and mange their e-waste sustainably.  


Final Thoughts



So whether you’re a committed environmentalist supporting a circular economy or seeking peace of mind by ensuring your data-bearing devices are properly sanitized, you can rely on eAsset Solutions to cover both needs.  Certified data destruction is essential for businesses that deal with sensitive information and a changing world.  It ensures compliance with data protection regulations, defends against data breaches, and encourages environmental sustainability.  

With nearly two decades of data destruction and electronics recycling experience, eAsset Solutions guarantees dependable and responsible data destruction services for all our clients.  An better yet, our team comes to you.

Call today or visit our website to learn more about our data destruction services!