February Fitness: Recycle Gym Equipment w/eAsset Solutions


Recently, while polishing off donut number four at my desk, it suddenly hit me: my New Year’s resolution to get in shape had been abandoned like a sinking ship.  A careful, searching look around the warehouse revealed a similar fate had befallen many of my fellow coworkers.  Some gazed idly at a single point in the distance, absorbed in the afterglow of a sugar crash.  Others, damp and sweaty after burritos, could barely look me in the eye as I waddled past.  

—O how my heart misgave me!  O cruel, cruel fate that should make spaghetti so enticing!  Taquitos so pleasurable!


After drying my tears, I summoned the heads of every department for an emergency meeting.  Straining to find the right words, I could only point at my stomach.  Some wept openly, as if seeing their reflection in a mirror; others fought back tears like hardened soldiers; but all in the room understood the gravity of our situation.  The very thing we had been laboring day and night to promote—a circular economy, with emphasis on the circular—was the very thing we were literally becoming.

O sweet irony.

The next several hours are a blur.  Only the Founding Fathers convening in Philadelphia during that unforgiving summer in 1787 could appreciate the intensity of the arguments, finger-pointing, blame laying, and calls for order and action which took place that day in our conference room.  But at long last, when we finally emerged, exasperated and fatigued, we had a plan.

And here it is: Everything we use in our warehouse has been reclaimed, repurposed and recycled from e-waste, from the chairs we sit in to the keyboards we type with to the screens we stare at—all of it has been diverted from landfills and put to second use.  Why not do the same with gym equipment?  

Similar to electronics, when you dispose of your old gym equipment by placing it in a dumpster or leaving it on the curb for garbage day, it eventually finds its way to a nearby landfill.  Worse yet, removing a treadmill from some corner in the room, or a forgotten squat rack doubling as a clothes hanger, can pose logistical challenges.  Why not let us do the heavy lifting for you?

Recycled Gym Equipment Can Do Wonders!


So, throughout the month of February, we’ll be accepting gym equipment to repurpose (hopefully) or recycle (a last measure). 


If you have any old, unwanted exercise gear, be it a leg press machine or rowing machine, our team is more than willing to remove it for you.  Olympic bars, weights, bench presses, dumbbells, stationary bikes, cable crossover machines, kettlebells—any item you wish to contribute to our cause will be sincerely welcomed.  Instead of staring at those neglected barbells or throwing them out, allow our team to repurpose them for a meaningful cause.  Your donation will aid us in establishing a workplace gym, motivating our staff to focus on better health and better living, as we daily focus on a green and better world.


And remember, we will recycle any piece of equipment that is no longer in usuable condition!  

Please call us at 703-534-5865 or reach out via our website to schedule a pickup!  

If you’re in the area (the DMV), you can also drop off any unwanted gym equipment along with your e-waste for recycling at our warehouse.  And we’ll keep you updated with our progression as it unfolds!